What To Know About Hydro Jetting

When it comes to cleaning your drains and pipes, there are different methods to choose from; Plumbers always use one of these two methods to clean or unclogged drains and pipes: hydro jetting or plumbing snakes.

While plumbing snakes method has an ideal way of cleaning drains and main sewer lines or pipes, hydro jetting gives a new pattern for cleaning pipes. We shall be shedding more light on the hydro jetting method in this article.

What is Hydro Jetting?

Hydro Jetting is an effective way of removing drains and cleaning pipes that are clogged. Stubborn blockages cannot withstand a hydro jetting machine that blasts water into the drain lines for roughly about 4000 PSI for main sewer lines jitters and about 1500 PSI for kitchen jitters.

The type of jetting nozzles used by certified plumbers will depend on the following:

  • The kind of blockage or clog
  • The size of the pipe or drain
  • The amount of build-up in the drain

Large build-ups can be cleared by using quality nozzles which can be a force out by manipulating the spray of high-pressure water.

When Should I Consider Using Hydro Jetting? 

Typically, hydro jetting of pipes or drains is not the first method to consider when it comes to clearing or cleaning clogs. The following problems where hydro jetting can be regarded for use are:

  • Heavy clogs that refused to clear by snaking method
  • A well-drained area overflowing in rain
  • When doing commercial preventive maintenance  

These are the main issues to consider hydro jetting technique.

Benefits of Hydro Jetting

Here are some of the Significant Benefits Of Hydro Jetting  

1# . Removes dangerous clogs – the force of the pressurized water is capable of even removing tree roots and other build-ups when necessary.

2#. Removes clogs in a flash – with a powerful high-pressure water force through pipes, the blockages will at once.

3#. Clean out wall pipes – one good thing about the hydro jetting method is that it tackles the problem from its roots. Substances like grease and mineral build-ups can be eliminated at ease.

4#. It is economical and environmentally harmless – when it comes to clogs cleaning, hydro jetting is an economical choice to use. The high-pressure jets do not just flush the path through the pipe, and it eradicates the clogs. This also makes the tube last longer, and it is environmentally safe because there is no use of harsh chemicals.

5# . It can clear clogs from all types of pipes – hydro jetting can clean and remove clogs from all kinds of pipes effectively. It gets the job done cleanly and neatly.

6# . Obliterates odors – the bad smells that usually comes from your drain are as a result of build-up bacteria. This can cause health problems. Hydro Jetting will force the bacteria away with it’s high-pressure,  making the environment clean and odorless.

7#. Precise cleaning – hydro jetting can remove clogs buried even below the yard. This will save you time and money as you won’t need to dig underground.

How Safe Is Hydro Jetting? 

Even when operating hydro jetting at the highest PSI, hydro jetting is still very safe for sewer drain lines and most kitchen pipes. But you must hire a certified plumber to do a camera inspection before using hydro jetting to know the condition of the pipeline. If the pipe has cracks or holes or is already rusting, hydro jetting may not be the best option to use. But a certified plumber can still use hydro jetting by reducing the force pressure before cleaning is carried out. 

Hydro Jetting Your Kitchen

Build-ups in your kitchen can be effectively removed by a hydro jetting method.  Most times, heavy grease blocks your kitchen drain pipes that snakes method cannot remove. Certified or licensed plumbers or drain specialists will want to try snaking the pipes with a kitchen snaking device to know what causes the clog or blockage. If the snaking device returns with a high blockage, they immediately use a hydro jetting method to clear the build-ups.

Kitchen jitter operates high-pressure water just like the main sewer line jetter, but on a small scale to balance the 2-inch drain line. Drains can be restored to its complete diameter and clear years of grease, fat and oil blockage by kitchen jetter services. You pipe can also get a more extended warranty when you use a kitchen jetter to remove clogs.

Jetting A Main Sewer Line

The major causes of main sewer line blockages are:

  • Tree roots
  • Heavy scale build-up
  • Low spots and
  • Broken plumbing pipes.

Although hydro jetting is not effective when used on a broken drain and sewer lines, it is an excellent method to remove build-up from mineral deposits and root intrusion. It is advisable to view routes to be hydro jetted with a camera to be sure it is in good condition to withstand hydro jetting services. And this inspection can only be done by a certified plumber. In a case where hydro jetting cannot be used, our certified plumbers can use other methods like, digging up and replacing part of the line or the whole line, or better still an epoxy relining solution to prevent digging.

The Role Of Hydro Jetting In Remedial Pipe Maintenance 

There is always a sectional repair or manhole-to-manhole repairs when pipelining. This is because hydro jetting serves as a crucial first step to all certified plumbers. You cannot apply a lining material to the inside of your pipe or sewer walls if it is a lateral home repair or municipal sewer lining. Hydro Jetting is the number one thing every certified plumber will do in restorations. 

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