6 Warning Signs That You Should Call a Plumber

Your plumbing plays a major role in keeping your home in good and working condition. Many homeowners are capable of handling a number of plumbing issues on their own.

This being said, calling an licensed plumber can seem expensive, and if you can DIY it, why pick up the phone, right? Unfortunately, this can be the wrong approach.

Certain plumbing issues need expert maintenance and repair. If not probably diagnosed and repaired by a specialist, you could put yourself and your family at potential risk and may cause damage which will be harder to repair and more costly. Doing things right the first time is the key to saving.

However, when do you know when the time is right to call a professional? In this article, we’ll outline some major warning signs that indicate that you should call a plumber for your house:

1. Blockage in the Pipe

Blockages can occur for a number of different reasons, and they can be very inconvenient to deal with, especially when they happen in the kitchen or the main bathroom. Most people tend to use a de-clogging device, but that is only a short term solution for a bigger issue. In many cases, the clogged drain can become worse and have a major blockage.

It’s a good idea to call a plumber and have them do a proper inspection of the pipes so that they can identify the cause. They can also help you understand what causes the issue. Grease and food debris in the kitchen drain not only cause blockages, but they also turn the pipes into breeding grounds for flies, bugs and even gnats. Pouring chemicals down the blocked drain can also cause damage to your pipelines. This can cause extensive repairs and require a professional solution.

2. Water Pressure Is Low

Fluctuating water pressure can either mean that you’re not getting enough water through the faucets or that they are constantly leaking. Water pressure issues always require a professional checkup because it’s difficult to pinpoint the major cause. Additionally, the issue can either be because of sediment stuck in the aerator or something else. If you’re unable to pinpoint the reason for the low water pressure, avoid digging further on your own.

When you notice the water pressure fluctuating or being too low, don’t delay and call a plumber right away. They have the right tools to read the water pressure and have a better understanding of the issue behind it. A DIY solution here will not only do more damage here, but it will also break your pipeline, which will be a bigger issue to fix.

3. Hot Water Is Unavailable

Lack of hot water can be normal in some circumstances, such as when someone ends up taking long baths or showers. On the other hand, it’s not normal if it takes around three to four hours for you to get hot water again. It could be that your water heater is too small, but if that’s not the case, you need to get professional help for this issue.

Call a plumber and let them examine your water heater for performance issues. Not only can they identify any issues, but they can also give you advice if your heater’s size is adequate. They also understand how to check various components of a heater such as the igniter, the pipes, heating elements and even the thermostats.

4. Pipes Leak or Burst

This is a major issue which can get worse if you try to DIY. Burst pipes usually occur during winter when poor insulation and freezing temperatures make the material of the pipes brittle. However, if the pipeline is old or due for replacement, it can burst as well. Leaks in the pipes can sometimes be identified, but a lot of times, they can go undetected.

The major point here is that if your water bill shows high consumption, call a plumber to help you find the source of the leak. If you don’t get it addressed properly, you will have issues like water damage, mold and more, which can be expensive and extensive to repair. Professional services mean that pipes will be properly attached, sealed and treated to prevent this from happening.

5. Your Water Heater Is Sweating

If you see moisture on or around your water heater, it could be signs of a slow yet steady leak. Water heaters don’t sweat or weep and if left unchecked, these can cause water damage. Additionally, the leaks can cause cracks, which can cause a lot of damage to the casing or the pipes.

The good news here is that if you call a plumber to fix it, you’re not going to find the repairs to be very expensive. Early detection can play a huge role in controlling the issue before it gets out of hand. Your plumbers can work with you to apply the proper measures. They can also examine the pipes and surrounding area to ensure that there hasn’t been extensive damage.

6. Major Installations

If you’re getting some major installations or re-installations done, such as a bathroom renovation, make sure that you call a plumber . They can ensure that the work done does not cause damage to the pipelines. With their help, you can get all the bathroom amenities properly installed, particularly if they are specialty items such as a rainfall shower or a bidet.

It’s never a good idea to DIY major installations because it is very easy to get something wrong. With professional help, you can get the perfect bathroom or kitchen and also have no issues to worry about. Being smart about it is better than having to pay more later on.

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