How Much Does a Gas Line Repair Cost in CT

Gas line repairs in Connecticut are a common service, but it is also labor and skill intensive. Please note, if you suspect that there’s a gas leak in your home in Connecticut, leave immediately and call us for assistance.

Gathered from Angie’s List , the average gas line installation cost is $258 to $751 , though this cost is not fixed. Some homeowners may get their gas lines installed with as little as $120. High-end companies can charge up to $1,300.

You can detect a broken gas line by an unpleasant scent, similar to a rotten egg smell. This is added to natural gas for detection purposes. Another way to detect a broken pipe is dying vegetation around the area where the line is buried. Leaking gas will kill the vegetation on the surface, including grass.

Lastly, the connections to your gas-based appliances will likely become faulty or even damaged because they won’t be receiving the gas they need to operate the appliance.

So if you’ve detected that you may have a gas line leak, you may be now wondering how much is this all going to cost. In this article, we’ll provide an estimate and factors that affect the price.

Factors That Affect Gas Line Repair Costs

1. Location of the Leak

Repairing a gas pipe will vary drastically in price depending on the location of the leak. The harder the damaged gas line is to access, the more you’ll pay to repair it. The type of pipe used along with the length of replacement can add material costs to your overall bill.

Gathered from Home Advisor here’s few examples to consider:
– A leak at a junction behind a stove is a simple remove and replace and can cost $120 to $250.
– Leaks hidden in walls and crawlspaces take longer to find and can incur additional drywall costs of $270 to $760 on average.
– Buried lines require excavation and landscaping. Add an additional $1,500 to $5,000.

You should also consider that you might have to pay for cosmetic repairs after the job is done. Such repairs include p atching holes in a wall, r etiling, or laying new floorboards.

2. Obstacles

There may be some obstacles to access your pipes increasing installation costs. Digging out the old pipe could increase the cost to install a gas line, as there might be other utility services such as a sewer line that is running above the gas line. Some other obstacles can include trees, landscaping or concrete will need to be removed so that the sewer line construction can begin.

If full excavation isn’t possible, the option of slip lining, which is inserting a smaller pipeline into the existing pipe can be deployed, and this will cause an increase in the cost of the installation process.

3. Length and Material of Pipes

Your repair cost will increase with the length of pipe and materials used to be repaired. Also, if part of the pipe needs to be replaced, pipe material will impact your overall repair cost.

You’ll typically pay more for carbon steel than you will for PEX piping. However, you likely won’t get to choose the pipe material for your repair. That’s because Connecticut has regulations on which gas pipe materials can be used. Your licensed plumber in Connecticut will know which material will work best for your situation.

4. Labor

A gas line repair is not something you want to be repaired by the cheapest plumber you can find in Connecticut. You should only hire a licensed plumber that specializes in gas repairs. We recommend making sure your plumber:

– Is insured (if they’re licensed, they’re likely insured)
– Has good online reviews (check Google, and Facebook )
– Gives you a written price quote

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