Reasons You May Need To Replace Your Toilet

Knowing how to detect a toilet that is deteriorating will enable you to save from extensive water damage in the future. Knowing when you should replace and repair your toilet can be very cumbersome. Below are some easy steps to know if you need a new toilet:

1. When Repair Cost Is Nearly That of a New One

If the cost of repair is nearly the cost of getting a new one, then it is time to replace it. Different exterior parts can be replaced at a low cost. For instance, the fill valve, handle, flapper, etc. But repairs that involve internally, you need to reconsider replacing it. For instance, gaskets and wax seals can amount to hundreds of dollars to repair, which is necessarily the cost of a brand new toilet.

2. There Are Cracks

Most times, replacement might be the only alternative to porcelain cracks. How bad the situation depends on the location the crack is on the toilet. If the crack happens to be above the toilet water, do well to watch over it to make sure it doesn’t expand more than expected.

Cracks like hairline above the waterline that is smaller than one-sixteenth of an inch can be filled. But anything bigger means you need to replace the toilet. If bigger amounts of hairline cracks reveal in this area, check under to see if there is another problem below. However, any crack that is visible below the waterline will be very difficult to repair, and definitely, need to be fixed by replacing the toilet.

3. It Is Always Clogged

If you are always plunging your toilet many times a week, it means the time for replacement has come. The flushing energy of a toilet gets weaker as it gets older, making it lack the force to enable water flows outward. In the mid-1990s the first water-saving toilet was built but without proper pressure components. If you are using a toilet built around this time, you need to replace it immediately before the problem gets worse.

4. When It Is Wobbly Or Shaky

A shaky toilet can result in many things, which can result in serious problems. Most times, it may be that there is a loose screw that needs to be tightened. A shaky toilet indicates that there is water damage under the flooring, or there may be an active leakage from a broken floor wax seal that makes water to gradually rot the bottom out. It is essential to hire a plumber immediately If you discover this so they can assist you safely remove the old toilet and fix in a new one without damaging the floor any further.

In conclusion, replacing a costly household item is not advisable, but a new toilet can make you save money in the long-run. Think about it. If you need a toilet replaced or a new one installed please reach out to us!