What Is Drain Cleaning?

If you notice unpleasant smells or have sluggish drains in your toilets, showers, tubs or sinks that you can’t detect, it may be a result of a sewer backup or clog. DIY (Do-It-Yourself) repairs such as commercial drain removers can produce a lot of problems, and trying to clean the clog with a drain snake can force the blockage deeper into your pipes, which may result in a major problem.

If a difficult sewer clog is creating plumbing issues at your home, you must handle it carefully. Having thought the issue will resolve itself is just not quite alright. Far from being a little inconvenient, a clogged drain can result in lots of difficult plumbing problems. And without the help of a professional plumber, a drain blockage can reveal you and your loved ones to some unpleasant and unhealthy states.

What Is A Drain Cleaner?

Drain cleaners can be grouped into two categories: device, or chemical.

For instance, if your toilet or shower is clogged, the first method is usually a drain cleaner that can take away soft blockages like grease and hair clogs that can heap up close to interior drain openings. Chemical drain cleaners, handheld drain augers, plungers, home remedy drain cleaners, and air burst drain cleaners are planned for this reason.

If you want to clog more than one plumbing fixture, the first choice is usually a drain cleaner that can take away hard or soft blockages along the whole length of the drain, away from the drain opening through the major sewer drain to the side piping outside the building. Sewer jetters and electric drain cleaners are mainly used for this purpose.

How Do Pipes Get Clogged?

Often we ask questions such as; “how do pipes get clogged”? If you back up your bathroom drains, the cause may probably be a mixture of shed hair and soap scum, these two washes down our showers and sinks constantly in abundance.

In kitchens, drain clogs are usually as a result of cooking grease and food remains, which becomes hard and stick to your pipes as it becomes cools. One frequent cause of clogs is when you flush particles other than toilet paper and human waste through the toilet.

Another cause of clogs that you will, and have never thought of is tree roots . Tree roots that grow close to your sewer main can infiltrate your pipes due to the search for nutrients and water.

Getting A Professional Drain Cleaning

At a very low price Plumbing, Heat and Electrical, we can detect how bad and location of your clogged drain using our video camera technology. After completion of the video inspection, we can then recommend the best plan to remove your stubborn clog for good.

Most times we propose hydro-jetting, which is the friendliest technique environmentally that makes use of a controlled stream of highly pressurized water to split apart debris and scour the inner walls of pipes. Hydro-jetting is a non-invasive way to bring back to good condition your pipe without any need to dig.

You can reach out to us to help remove any stubborn clogs by clicking Drain and Water Line Services to schedule a maintenance service with one of our professional plumbers.